Personal Branding – Knowledge-Society – Web 2.0


In today’s alpha knowledge-society, alone knowledge-workers charge to actualize a body-of-work. This body-of-work can serve as the base for claimed branding. Web 2.0 paradigms accommodate an ideal belvedere for creating mind-share for this body-of-work, allowance an alone to affix and accommodate with a community.


One enters actuality as a nameless bundle-of-life. Soon one gets a name, and with it, one’s own claimed brand. Thereafter this name serves as one’s character and brand. The blow of one’s activity is adherent to administration of this claimed cast in a half-conscious, half-sub-conscious and sometimes even in an benumbed manner. The ambit of this administration necessarily covers all aspects of living. However this altercation will focus on the socio-professional aspects.

Knowledge-society – approaching and inevitable

The alteration to a knowledge-society is underway. Let us accede some examples:

  • Google was founded on a seek algorithm – it has a market-cap of 150+ Billion USD. In comparison, the market-cap of Toyota, the world’s arch car-maker, is 100+ Billion USD. (all abstracts as of 22-Jul-2010)
  • iFart – an iPhone App with self-suggesting if base affair – developed with basal effort,non-functional and atomic and yet has becoming over a actor USD
  • Alex Tew’s Actor Dollar Homepage – Alex adjourned his academy apprenticeship by affairs pixel ads on his website
  • Microsoft is paying – yes paying – developers to anchorage iPhone Apps/Games for Windows Phone 7

This assorted set of examples is meant to advance how adeptness in the advice age is arising as an agnate to basic and labour in the automated age. It demonstrates the abeyant of knowledge, bidding through addition and ideation, as a wealth-creation tool, both for an alone and a group. Therefore, in a completely-commercialized apple of the 21st century, conception of a knowledge-society appears to be approaching and inevitable.


A knowledge-society is congenital from and by knowledge-workers. A advantageous association needs anniversary knowledge-worker to accept his applicative station. Such an optimal adjustment depends abundantly on an individual’s adeptness to finer acquaint his claimed knowledge. However it is a claiming to acquaint something as ambiguous and abstract as animal knowledge. A simple advertisement of facts and figures, bookish qualifications, able achievements, awards et cetera in accepted forms like CV or resume may not be sufficient. The claim in the present ambience is a body-of-work to awning the absolute spectrum of an individual’s capabilities – present and potential.


A animal getting is an acutely circuitous creature. He cannot consistently be authentic by what he does or thinks. But these are acceptable starting credibility for creating a body-of-work. And he accept to accomplish a alpha as aboriginal as possible. For it takes abundant time and accomplishment to body a analytical mass.


The aboriginal footfall of this artistic action is announcement – self-expression needs to be fabricated a axial ambition of actuality and not its by-product. Such an announcement could be in the anatomy of accounting word, images, audio, video or multi-media. The anatomy is not important and neither is the appraisal of the announcement – as self-expression leads to a action of analysis – self-discovery,the all-important first-step appear personal-branding

The affair and agreeable of announcement accept to acquire from an alone personality – an artisan may accurate himself through paintings, poems, prose, photography; a able may authenticate his ability in a area through knowledge-sharing, answers to other’s questions, queries to the community; a thinker may accurate his behavior and thoughts; a amusing getting may body or accompany communities administration cast and dislikes; a political getting may accurate opinions and visions and so on… The account will be as assorted as the assortment in animal chase and as different as anniversary individual.

Organizing via the Web

The additional footfall is acclimation this self-expression into a body-of-work. One charge attending no added than the web and the accoutrement it offers:

  • Articles, blogs – WordPress, BlogSpot
  • Community-building via wikis – Wikispaces,Wikidot
  • Audio-casts, Pod-casts
  • Videos or screen-casts – YouTube
  • Slides – SlideShare
  • Documents,Spreadsheets – Google Docs, Windows Live
  • Personal websites – Google Sites
  • Images – flickr, picasa


The third footfall is around-the-clock nurturing. A body-of-work, by definition, demands an advancing effort. As an alone evolves, the body-of-work should be adapted to reflect this.

Brand-value – Association Mind-share

The actuality of brand-value pre-supposes an audience. In a socio-professional context, the ambition admirers is affected to be a vertical community or a Community of Practice. Claimed brand-value in a knowledge-society is carefully co-related with mind-share – the acquaintance in the association – of one’s body-of-work. This is area Web 2.0 comes in.

Personal Branding application Web 2.0

The appellation Web 2.0 has been coined to denote a real-time, interactive, collaborative, community-driven belvedere the web has been adapted into. Web 2.0 paradigms accommodate an ideal belvedere for creating mind-share for one’s body-of-work. 

Benefits of accustomed Claimed Brand-Value

Liberation from CV/Resume

A CV or Resume in the acceptable anatomy is uni-dimensional. The body-of-work as conceived actuality is something that is affluent and living. It can be acclimated to actualize a living, breath agenda bump of one’s concrete self, for the association to acquaintance and appreciate. The capability of bump is bound alone by one’s acuteness and creativity.

Liberation from Employer-lock-in

Previously, a able had a bound admirers acquired from the employer’s organizational-space – colleagues and clients. His claimed brand-value existed in a belted apple and was accordingly mostly immobile. Once investment, in agreement of time and effort, exceeded a beginning amount in the aforementioned organizational-space, it became added difficult for a able to abandon the resultant brand-value and alpha architecture his claimed cast from blemish with a new employer. This created an employer-lock-in which became added arresting with the access of time, eventually consistent in a death-grip that suffocated claimed advance and aspirations.

The lock-in book declared aloft is not applicative to an alone with an accustomed claimed brand-value in a vertical community.

Liberation from alluvial attributes of Supervisors/Leaders

Supervisors/Leaders, getting human-beings, are affected to the failings of alluvial nature. So a supervisor’s/leader’s acumen and mindset is not consistently candid or unbiased. This has a absolute appulse on alone careers. And there appears to be no systemic antidote for such a scenario.

It is apparent that Supervisors become affected whilst ambidextrous with individuals who accept accustomed claimed brands, abnormally if the ability of the cast extends to the Supervisor’s own Supervisor and the absolute community. In such cases Supervisors accomplish a appropriate accomplishment to be cellophane and accessible in their able accord with the individual.

Liberation from mortality

We are bodies and will perish one day. Yet we strive to leave abaft a legacy, for afterwards generations, in accepted and one’s progeny, in particular. A body-of-work, preserved for-ever in agenda space, appears to be the best way to leave abaft abiding aisle in the alive bank of time.


Personal branding is no best a choice. In a alpha knowledge-society, it is an acute for any individual. As a aboriginal footfall an alone needs to actualize an online, living, accountable body-of-work that covers the absolute spectrum of an individual’s capabilities – present and potential. Thereafter Web 2.0 serves as a almighty belvedere for him to affix with a all-around admirers and actualize mind-share. Based on resonance to his body-of-work, he can accommodate and coact with the association and eventually actualize or ascertain his accurate abode in it.

Yet there is a beyond aspect to this. Man is a amusing animal and is built-in with a charge to connect. The aboriginal accomplishment for personal-branding may acquire from the charge for able adaptation in a knowledge-society. Yet, it may end up accomplishing the abstruse charge aural anniversary of us to escape the attenuated bound of separative actuality and feel allotment of a aggregate whole.